About North Metro Photo Club

Who We Are

North Metro Photo Club encourages its members to develop their photographic skills in digital media. Our membership is made up of amateurs and professionals who are interested in creating artistic images and sharing them with others.  Throughout the year, we also take part in photographic learning opportunities or events and photo outings both in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area and outstate that may be of additional interest. We are a bunch of friendly and witty photographers who do not hesitate to share our knowledge of the craft or learn a technique from others.

How to Join

Annual Membership Dues

Individual: $20 / Family $30

Anyone joining after March 1 will have membership for the current and upcoming year. After September 30 of each competition year, only members who have paid their dues will be eligible to submit images for judging.  The North Metro Photo Club Member Handbook and Membership Form are  available in PDF form for printing at the links below.

Want to learn more about North Metro Photo Club?  Interested in a meeting or membership?  Contact us for more information!


North Metro Photo Club members may share images by joining our Facebook group.


North Metro Photo Club Affiliations

North Metro Photo Club is also a member of:

Photographic Society of America

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization for anyone with an interest in photography. Founded in 1934, the Society is for casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers.



N4C is an organization of about 40 camera clubs in the North Central States area of the United States of America. Individuals are encouraged to join one of the affiliated camera clubs in their area thereby qualifying as a member of N4C and eligible to participate in contests and activities of the Council.


Camera Council/Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs

The Camera Council (also known as the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs) and its 22 affiliated clubs promote continuing education and fellowship for those interested in all aspects of photography. Our member clubs offer a diverse range of programs, field trips, competitions and social interaction.


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